Busy Bayers School Holiday Activities

A stay at Silver Bay Holiday Parks is all about allowing children to unwind and have fun – which is why we take great pride in offering our Busy Bayers Children’s Activities to keep your little ones entertained during the school holidays.

Here’s an example of our upcoming Busy Bayers 2021 Summer Activities Timetable.

Brimming with exciting activities from water polo through to creative crafts, we ensure the younger members of the Silver Bay family have something exciting to do both day and night.

Most sessions are completely free and are sure to spark creativity and keep your little ones busy, active, and most importantly entertained!

Whatever the weather, we have an array of sessions that will ensure your children are in a boredom-free zone.

Let Children Explore Nature

What are the school holidays for? At a Silver Bay Holiday Parks, it’s the freedom for children to explore, make sandcastles, and play endless games. It’s hours of outdoor fun, spotting wild animals, beach-combing and exploring in the woodland. And if children are happy discovering nature at Silver Bay, then parents are happy too. Here’s a selection of activities we have to keep your little adventurers entertained.

Wild Survivors

Under the watchful eye of Jon, our resident wildlife expert, Wild Survivors is a place for children to explore Silver Bay’s woodland and coast. Children have the opportunity to meet like-minded explorers and learn bushcraft, campfire cooking, and den building skills. This activity is open to ages 5-12 and an adult must accompany children under seven.


Outdoor Water Activities

We love organising children’s activities that incorporate our stunning beach into the equation. Whether it’s exploring the water or the coast, we have a range of beach-specific activities that will keep them entertained!

Snorkelling Ages 6+

Snorkelling is another great pool-pastime which children adore. Your little ones will get the chance to dive into the Silver Bay pool and learn snorkelling techniques – a skill they’ll remember for life. This session is for those aged 6 and over.

Coasteering Ages 8+

Our Coasteering activity is the perfect chance for your children to start exploring the local coastline. From rocks to cliff edges, we provide young Silver Bayers with the life skills they require to be safe on the coast.

Indoor Water Activities

We have an amazing onsite Spa and Leisure complex that your little ones will love. From competitive water polo games through to the chance to try scuba diving for the very first time – heading into the water is the perfect way to pass an afternoon.

Water Polo Age 7+

We offer a special children’s water polo session where they can frolic in the pool and learn to play the fun sport. It encourages a team player mentality in children and offers the opportunity to explore the world of water sports.

Try Scuba Age 8+

You never really know if scuba diving is for you unless you try it, which is why we offer the Try Scuba session at Silver Bay. Instead of heading into the ocean, children can practice this skill by scuba diving in the pool. It’s a great way to experience the sport in a safe and relaxed environment.



Outdoor Activities

Beach Mudder All Ages

You may have heard of Tough Mudder before, but here at Silver Bay we have a Beach Mudder session! Young and old can work together to power their way through obstacles and win the race.

Adventure Play Area

Our adventure play area onsite here at Silver Bay is the perfect place for children to run riot! Featuring a fantastic wooden pirate boat as well as a range of slides, swings and a climbing net – imaginations are set to go wild.

Kwik Cricket Ages 11-16

Kwik Cricket is a shortened down version of a regular cricket game, and it’s a great opportunity for children to work together in sporting teams. It builds team spirit amongst our young Silver Bay community and it provides hours of fun!

Creative Activities

Pottery Painting Age 3+

A paintbrush is one of the best tools for encouraging creativity, and here at Silver Bay we like to do it with a little twist. Pottery painting is one of our most popular classes, and children love the chance to pop their creative hats on and go wild with colour!

Bracelets & Braiding Age 6+

Welcoming both boys and girls, our bracelets and braiding activity is the perfect chance for children to create something they can take home. From making friendship bracelets to learning how to braid, it’s a really fun session that also allows young Silver Bayers to bond through their creativity.

Arts & Crafts Age 3+

Whether it’s getting sticky with glue or sparkling with glitter, arts and crafts at Silver Bay is one of the most enjoyed sessions we offer. It’s a place of limitless imagination, and we encourage children to unleash their creative side and make something wonderful!



Moving & Shaking

We believe it’s important for your children to remain active, especially during the holidays when there are no PE lessons. So we offer a great range of sessions to keep our young Silver Bayers on the move.

Little Dancers Age 3+

Little Dancers is a fantastic session aged for those aged 3 years and over. Children can pop on their dancing shoes and learn a range of routines suitable to their age group. It’s a great way to encourage children to exercise and develop rhythm – and it’s a lot of fun watching back what they’ve learnt!

Let’s Dance Age 6+

Just like Little Dancers, Let’s Dance is a session all about moving creatively to a beat. This activity is aimed at those aged 6 years and over, and they too have routines suited to their age group. It keeps children active over the school holidays, whilst also having heaps of fun.