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We’re keen bloggers here at Silver Bay Holiday Village and we love nothing more than giving our luxury lodge owners and friends an insight into life at our holiday resort on Anglesey. With our weekly blog, we like to update you on key topics that make us and our lodge owners tick. From things to do to the best restaurants to visit (including The Deck House, of course!) you’ll have plenty of reading material to help you plan your next Anglesey break.

We also post about upcoming events on site including everything from beauty events to annual parties, so if you want to keep ahead of the game and make sure you get tickets, keep checking back!


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Every time the schools are off, we make a big effort to ensure that you and your little ones have plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy on your Silver Bay holiday. Keep reading to find out more about our summer schedule.

Below you can find the latest timetable – and we’re sure you’ll be ready for your summer holiday in no time!

Our annual Sandcastle competition is back – which is a firm popular activity for residents, and we also have an annual tennis competition, small boat fishing competition and the “Beach Mudder” obstacle race.

We can’t wait to get started!

silver bay holiday village anglesey summer schedule

If you have any questions or queries, be sure to give us a call on 01407 862 049 – also remember to book any sessions marked with a * at the spa to avoid any disappointment!

Could you see you and your family spending this summer, and many more to come, at Silver Bay Holiday Village? If so, why not request a callback? Someone will be in touch shortly!


When the summer months arrive, we all love to head outdoors and make the most of the wonderful weather – and here at Silver Bay, we’re no different.

We love being outdoors, and when the weather is a little warmer it can be the perfect excuse to enjoy an extra special summer party.

But if you’re struggling to know where to start with your party, don’t fear! We’ve got some fantastic tips below that you’re sure to love.

1. Pick The Right Day and Time

We all know the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so it’s always best to try and be somewhat flexible with your party date.

If you do that, then you’ll be able to get a better idea of what the weather will be like on your party day and increase your chances of sunshine!

However, if you want to invite lots of people then you may not have that privilege. But one key thing to remember is that a party in August may be more likely to turn out better than one in June – so do your weather research!


2. Prepare For Anything

summer drinks silver bay holiday village summer party 2016

Sometimes whether you plan your party months in advance or weeks, the weather can still turn on you and the heavens can open regardless. So you need to be prepared!

Consider getting a gazebo set up so that you can still enjoy being outdoors even if the rain is pouring. Also consider buying some blankets for people to throw over themselves if they get little chilly.

It’s these extra little touches that will make your party one to remember.


3. Encourage Others To Help

People may shy away from parties thinking about things such as what it might actually cost, but if you encourage people to also bring something with them the cost doesn’t have to become monumental.

For example, asking people to bring certain dishes and puds can save you a heck of a lot of time and money! And let’s not forget the drinks either – make sure you ask people to bring their own beer.

Your kitchen and fridge will be full in no time.


4. Plan something for the kids

Everyone loves a party, but they like to get up to different things. Adults like to relax and chat, whereas your kids may have other ideas.

If you plan a few activities to keep them entertained then you don’t need to worry about them growing bored and, in turn, interrupting your chill out time.

To keep them occupied why not drag out some board games or encourage a game of musical statues or pass the parcel?

These things will take minutes to prepare, but the kids will love it.

5. Consider a BBQ

Shish kebab, bbq, silver bay holiday village anglesey summer holidays

If the weather’s good, then you might want to consider having a scrumptious BBQ.

It’s a great way to cook large amounts of food fresh and you can ask your guests to bring an array of meats and veggie treats too.

Just make sure you check everything is cooked thoroughly before serving – the last thing you want is for someone to get food poisoning!

6. Make Tidying As Easy As Possible

One of the not so great things about a party is all the tidying up after, but there are a few things you can do to help make it easier for you.

By giving everyone paper plates for food, you don’t need to worry about washing everything up later.

As well as this, it’s a good idea to have a recycle box for cans and bottles that everyone can get access to easily. If it’s in a place they pass by often, they’re likely to just toss their empties in, saving you collecting them all later on your own!

It might also be a good idea to do some tidying before bed so you don’t have to wake up to a messy house the next day. Trust us, you’ll be thankful in the morning.

7. Pick The Right Music

When you have a party it’s tempting to put all your favourite songs on and that’s that. But all the best parties have an array of music and styles for all tastes – something which you should consider too.

If you set up an iPod docking station then you can allow other people to connect their music up.

You could also set up something like Spotify and comb through their playlists until you find the perfect party collection that has something for everyone.

8. Consider Your Neighbours

Everyone loves a party, but it’s not so great for those who aren’t there who are trying to get some sleep.

Always remember to be mindful of those around you whilst you’re having fun.

Turning your music down before it gets too late and lowering your voices can be a great way to keep having fun whilst also caring for your neighbours, too.

Silver Bay Holiday Park

Imagine hosting a summer party at your very own luxury lodge! That’s what our residents can do here at Silver Bay right now.

We have a great community, and we all love coming together for some summer fun. So if you could see yourself doing something similar in the near future, then take a look at our brochure.

You can request a call back if you have any questions, or call our helpful staff yourself on 01407 860 111 to find out more about our amazing Welsh holiday park.


It’s heating up for summer now, and we’re certainly excited about some of the events happening over the next few months on the beautiful island of Anglesey!

Whether you fancy getting active this summer or perhaps trying some of the stunning local food, there will be an event that’s we’re certain you’ll want to enjoy in the glorious sunshine.

Here are our top recommendations picked just for you. Head out on a few of these and you’re ensured to have some summer fun!


Anglesey Show

silver bay holiday village anglesey, anglesey show, sheep

We’re all bigs fans of agriculture in Anglesey, which is why we’re home to our very own two-day event which is all about agriculture – The Anglesey Show! It’ll be taking place during the 9th and 10th of August, and it’s a great event for all the family to get involved with and enjoy.

You can expect to find animals, tasty farm foods and even fun crafts to get involved with, making sure everyone has something fun to do.

Tickets are at a reduced price if you buy them online, so if you feel this is something you and your family might enjoy be sure to take a look here and get booking!


Holyhead Sailing Festival

As we’re an island, we get to benefit from beautiful beaches and truly stunning waters – and we also have a range of events that take place on our beautiful oceans.

One water themed event coming up this summer is the Holyhead Sailing Festival. This festival is a call out to all things traditional sailing, and they will be hosting boat races – and there will even be pirates there for the little ones to enjoy!

To find out more about the event visit the website here.


Anglesey’s Farmers Market

An event that all the local foodies are sure to love is the Anglesey Farmer’s Market! This occurs a few times of the year and we’re certain you’ll have a splendid time during your visit.

This Summer you can expect to find markets in July and August, in fact, it’s on the 3rd Saturday of every month so be sure to visit if you’re around!

At the market, you’ll find delectable treats made from locally sourced ingredients and you’ll find plenty of tasters available so you can really get a good feel for what food you might like best to take home with you!


Around the Island Race


Another one of the key things taking place is the Around the Island Race! It’ll be a great day out for those holidaying in the Anglesey area on the 6th August 2016, and it has been ongoing ever year since 1966!

It’s an exciting event to witness and is rather unique as the sailors take to the ocean and enjoy a riveting day of racing. It’s something all the family can enjoy, so be sure to pop down if you’re in the area.

You can even sail yourself if you fancy it!


Anglesey Walkathon

Fancy exploring the island by foot but not a big runner? Well, the Anglesey Walkathon festival is the ideal thing for you!

Taking place on 4th September 2016, You can walk the length of either half a marathon or a full marathon, and it’s a great way to raise money for charity with a few sponsors.

All ages are welcome and prices vary from £20-£22 for an adult and £12-£13 for a child.

You can book online by visiting this website here.


Beaumaris Food Festival

If you want a festival this summer that’s brimming with food, music and entertainment then the Beaumaris Food Festival is where you need to be.

Take place from the 10th – 11th August, you’ll even get the chance to experience some local crafts as well as amazing foods and musical fun. There’s even a section where you can learn from some of Anglesey’s best chefs and improve your cooking skills.

If this festival sounds up your street this summer, make sure you visit the website.

Silver Bay This Summer

Intrigued to find out more about Anglesey? Be sure to take a look at our blog. We’re Anglesey specialists, and here at Silver Bay we’re home to some of the most amazing luxury holiday properties on the island.

To discover whether our amazing properties are for you feel free to browse our lovely range here.

Our holiday village also has a boat park, private award-winning beach, a new spa and leisure centre as well as a recently refurbished bistro and bar! Don’t miss out on the chance to own a home on our beautiful holiday park that the whole family is sure to love!



Though we’re sad to see the end of summer and the wonderful weather it brings to Anglesey, we have certainly made the most of the holiday season here at Silver Bay!

We thoroughly enjoyed the company of all of our holiday homeowners, along with friends and family attending our various events throughout the summer period. We hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as we did, so here are some of the highlights we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

There are clearly quite a few sport fanatics among our ranks, judging from the brilliant turnout at our session of rounders on the beach. Everybody got involved, some fantastic rounders were scored, and thankfully the weather stayed clear and sunny all evening long.


Ah, the weather. Residents definitely got into the summer spirit by taking advantage of sunshine and sea whenever possible. Most sunny afternoons you could meander down to Silver Bay’s beach and see a good few of the children having a fabulous time in the ocean, and we even had a few occasions where everyone gathered on the beach with their coal BBQs.

There was some lovely food going round, the kids got to play out and parents had a chance for a tipple or two. Pimms, anyone?

silver-bay-holiday-village-anglesey-the-deck house-pims-deck-house

Finally, towards the end of the summer, we held a tennis tournament for Silver Bay residents and also our team members. The kids had great fun battling each other in their morning tournament, with the parents getting their trainers on to enter the afternoon adults tournament and an evening presentation in the Bistro to wrap things up.

Though summer is coming to an end, we’re certain you have all managed to create some amazing memories with your family, and we hope Silver Bay has provided the perfect setting for your summer activities. We’re already looking forward to the antics of the next seasonal holidays, Halloween and Bonfire night. Christmas suddenly doesn’t seem too far away!

Make sure you keep up to date with our events here at Silver Bay with our blog, or keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out!



Silver Bay Holiday Village are delighted to announce a summertime filled with activities and events to keep our ‘Silver Bayers’ entertained throughout the holiday season.

These timetables will provide you with the times and days for activities across all ages, from little ‘Busy Bayers’ to adult-only activities. If you would like to book your place for fitness sessions in the Silver Bay Leisure Complex, please call our spa team on 01407 862 049.

Here’s to a fabulous summer!

Week One summer events on anglesey

week 3 summer 2015 silver bay holiday village anglesey

week five seaonsal events summer on anglesey north wales silver bay holiday village


Silver Bay is pleased to announce that it has released its latest summer newsletter – just in time for the seasonal sunshine.

Packed full of useful tips, hints, and inside knowledge, our newsletter is perfect for anyone looking to spend the warm summer days and relaxing evenings in Anglesey.

So if you haven’t signed up to our newsletter just yet, then here is a sneak peak of everything it has to offer.


Headland Rise

Luxury lodges at Silver Bay Holiday Village.

Following the successful launch of our new development lodges, Headland Rise, Silver Bay can now announce that only two front row plots remain for purchase.

Boasting stunning views, plenty of open space, and very attractive accommodation, it’s no surprise that this property has been flying off the shelf.

If you don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity, then you can book a private viewing between 25th-26th July – but hurry. They are going quick!


Dates for the diary

This summer, there will be a number of wonderful activities to inspire and entertain the family in Anglesey.

July and August will – once again – prove to be our busiest months, so we have chosen this time to offer lots of events during the daytime and evening. So get your pen and diary at the ready.

  • Saturday 25th July – Season Opening Party!

  • Sunday 26th July – The Big Green Egg Demonstration

  • Sunday 8th August – Small Boat Fishing Competition

  • Saturday 29th August – Junior Tennis Tournament

  • Sunday 30th August – Adults Tennis Tournament

You definitely don’t want to miss out!


The Big Green Egg Demo

Summer was made for barbecues – so we thought we’d get stuck in and try something extraordinary at Silver Bay.

On July 26th, Dai Davies – one of the top chefs in Britain – will be onsite to offer a fantastic demonstration of this barbecue technology. Offering lots of useful hints and tips, we expect this to be an incredibly valuable and entertaining occasion. We’ll even supply a few nibbles along the way too.

This summer, we expect Silver Bay to open its arms and offer a wonderful selection of family activities and events to keep everyone happy. We are also very excited about the popularity of our latest development, Headland Rise – which promises to revolutionise holidaying in Anglesey forever.

So where are you going to be this summer?

If you fancy signing up to our newsletter, then enter your details on the Silver Bay website and we’ll send you monthly updates.


The Easter holidays are drawing to a close and we hope all our residents are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a well-earned break. With Easter behind us, here at Silver Bay we’re already starting to plan our summer! We’ve done the research for you, and have rustled together some of the most exciting events going on around Anglesey for you this summer. Get them in the calendar!


Thomas Telford Day Trip

Many of our residents access Silver Bay via either the Menai Suspension Bridge or the Britannia Bridge, so we’re certain you are very familiar with these magnificent structures. Those with a deeper interest in the bridges may be tempted by the Thomas Telford Day Trip, centred on the architect and builder of the Suspension bridge. Menai Heritage invites you to travel his Holyhead road through Snowdonia, where you can pay a visit to his aqueducts at Chirk and Pontcysyllte, view his canal workshops at Ellesmere and observe the suspension bridge itself in Conwy. For a full day coach trip and 2 course lunch at the Boathouse on the Mere, this educational excursion is £27.50 per person and takes place on the 12th May 2015.

Classic Cars

Our residents with an enthusiasm for agriculture will not want to miss out on the Anglesey Festival of Transport and Machinery. Taking place on the 16th and 17th May, this event encompasses a wide variety of vehicles including steam engines, classic cars, and motorcycles, in addition to trade stalls, a beer tent and kids’ entertainment and fairground rides. This festival also has the option for public overnight camping, so there is every opportunity to attend all the attractions and make this an action packed weekend for all the family! Children under 12 go free, children aged 12-16 are £1 entry and adults £8.

Walking in Anglesey

Another fantastic event taking place on the Isle of Anglesey is the Walking and Outdoor festival, celebrating the great outdoors. This festival is from the 23rd May to the 7th June, with a wide variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Bus tours will be exploring the hidden treasures of the island; featuring walks exploring the native flora and fauna hosted by engaging and informative guides. Residents who like a challenge could try out the Anglesey Walkathon where participants walk 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles in a day for charity; you could also take a look at the website to see all the events going on during this exciting 2 weeks.

Antiques Roadshow to come to Anglesey!

Fans of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow will be delighted to hear the show is coming to Anglesey’s Plas Newydd on the 4th June! Entry to the show is free and starts at 9.30am with latest admissions at 4.30pm, and filming continuing on to 7pm. Dig out your old heirlooms and come along to get an evaluation from the show’s specialists, or just pop in as a spectator as this is guaranteed to be an extraordinary day!

The Menai Seafood Festival, Anglesey

Finally, we have possibly the best type of festival; a food festival! The Menai Seafood Festival, no less. Set up to promote the local fishing industry and revitalise interest in the vast array of quality fish and seafood available from our shores in North Wales. Boasting a bustling market with local fishermen and farmers, seafood suppliers and artisan producers in and around Anglesey, you will have the opportunity to sample some of the Strait’s native foods. There will also be cooking demonstrations with some acclaimed cooks, and the opportunity to learn about maritime conservation and the environment around Anglesey with educational talks and exhibitions. A good day out for all, including families with kids’ activities being run on the seashore by the Anglesey Sea Zoo. Taking place to coincide with Anglesey Marine Week, the festival will take place on the 22nd August around the Menai Bridge, and is free to attend.

Anglesey in Summer

silver-bay-holiday-village-anglesey-the-deck house-on-the-decking-summer

With this many exciting activities going on all over the island, a lively and entertaining summer for all of our residents is guaranteed. So get counting down the days, and let’s hope for a good dose of sunshine so everybody can get outside to enjoy some fresh sea air and time with friends and family.