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We’re keen bloggers here at Silver Bay Holiday Village and we love nothing more than giving our luxury lodge owners and friends an insight into life at our holiday resort on Anglesey. With our weekly blog, we like to update you on key topics that make us and our lodge owners tick. From things to do to the best restaurants to visit (including The Deck House, of course!) you’ll have plenty of reading material to help you plan your next Anglesey break.

We also post about upcoming events on site including everything from beauty events to annual parties, so if you want to keep ahead of the game and make sure you get tickets, keep checking back!


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Buying a holiday home is an incredibly exciting time in your life, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure the whole process runs smoothly.

From organising your finances to making sure you find the perfect home, there are lots to things to think about during this time, so we’ve put together a guide to assist with any holiday home buyer’s journey!

Be sure to give it a quick read before investing in a holiday home property.


1. Do I Have The Finances to do this?

There’s no point in buying a holiday home if you don’t have the financial stability to support it.

Most of our homeowners buy outright, but you need to decide whether this would affect your current financial status and what it could mean for your future.

For example, if you know there might be a big expenditure in the coming years either hold off, or make sure you have enough money to one side to support yourself should you need it.

You want to enjoy your holiday home without having to worry about your finances, we’re sure!


2. Where Do I Want To Buy?


There are plenty of places to buy a holiday home, but you need to make sure you find the right one for you. Here at Silver Bay, we’re all about families, and we love it when people of all ages come together for an amazing week.

If you’re looking for a child-free holiday home, then perhaps something else may be better suited to you.

The best thing to do is make sure you do all of your research. It can be overwhelming because there is a lot of choice. But the important thing to remember is that you have a fantastic and fun decision ahead.


3. How Much Room Do I Need?

Holiday properties come in all sizes, and you need to make sure that you have the right amount of space for you and those you plan to share the holiday home with.

Here at Silver Bay, we make sure we have enough room for all the family, but if there’s just two of you then perhaps an apartment may be more suited to your needs?

Make sure you go and view anything before committing to anything on paper.


4. Think Of The Future

When you’re buying a holiday home you’re probably looking for a space which you can visit time and time again. That’s why it’s so important to think about the future of your family when you’re buying.

What may seem like the ideal property now might not be in five years, so you need a holiday home that can grow with your family too.


5.  What Is It That I Really Want?

The Wessex Luxury Holiday Lodge at Silver Bay - Dining, Lounge and Kitchen

Are you after an escape you can drive to on a Friday evening after work for the weekend? Or would you rather a destination that requires you to plan in advance for a flight, such as a holiday home in Spain.

The choice is yours, but don’t be fooled into thinking you need to leave the country for a glorious ocean and sandy beaches – we have these right on our doorstep at Silver Bay.


6. Is There Enough Entertainment For The Kids?

If you’re buying as a family then you need to debate how your children will feel about your chosen holiday property.

Here at Silver Bay we provide plenty of fun kid’s activities throughout the school holidays so your little ones will never be bored.

Other holiday homes may not come with things like this, so be sure to explore all options and find the perfect one that will leave all your family smiling.


7. What Amenities Would I Like?

Some holiday parks might have a pool and leisure centre, but others might not. Some holiday homes may be surrounded by lovely forests, and some may be on the coast.

It’s up to you to decide what you need and what kind of things you want on sight. Here at Silver Bay, we have a beachboat park, spa and leisure centre, swimming pool, a bar and bistro and tennis courts. Some sites, however, may not.

Make sure you check out all the facilities as well as your holiday property to make sure you’re 100% happy. It’s important that you can see you and your family relaxing and having fun at your chosen holiday home destination!

If you like the sound of some of the above Silver Bay features, then be sure to get in touch today on 01407 860 111 or download our eBrochure. You can also explore our gorgeous holiday lodge options, full to the brim with luxury!



Buying a holiday home vs going on holiday is one of those debates that’s been raging on for years – and a lot of the time, it’s down to personal taste.

But here at Silver Bay, we’re all about buying your very own slice of paradise; a place that you can return to time and time again and know for certain that you’re going to have a brilliant trip.

But this isn’t the only benefit to owning a holiday home as opposed to going on holiday.

Let us delve a little deeper into the exciting world of holiday homes and help you discover exactly what you can expect if you choose to purchase a property instead of a two week holiday the next time you want to get away!


1. Holiday homes are great investments

When it comes to going on holiday, you go and have an amazing two weeks and then come home again – but with a holiday home you can rest assured that not only can you have an amazing break, you can also be happy that you have an investment in your hands too.

Holiday homes are a great way to pass on property in your family, and you can also sell them on too if you decide to eventually move on.

Here at Silver Bay, our properties come with a 50-year lease – that’s much higher than most similar holiday properties in the area.

Take a look at our options here.


2. You can create a home away from home


When you go on holiday, you’re very much heading into someone else’s turf. And although that sometimes can be an enjoyable experience, there’s something quite great and comforting about getting away to something familiar.

When you have a holiday home, you can have it however you like. You get to plan the design, the ornaments and whatever else you like so it’s suited entirely to your personal taste.

You can also make sure it’s always stocked up with your favourite things to really make you feel at home each time you visit. Perfect!


3. They’re easier to get away to

When you go on holiday you have to fork our for numerous things including flights, accommodation, and whatever else you need – which quickly adds up in terms of cost. This isn’t true if you have a holiday home.

You get the chance to take last minute trips for cheap, especially when your property is in the UK, and they’re also great for getting away for a weekend break without having to pay loads.

All you need to do is pack a bag and throw everyone in the car and you’re off! It’s that simple – which is one of the main things our residents adore about owning property on our holiday park.


4. There’s a sense of community


You can make great friends whilst going on holiday for a couple of weeks, but nothing quite beats the sense of community you get from owning a holiday home.

You’ll find the same people around when you visit, allowing you and your children to make friends that you can interact with the next time you visit too.

In this way, you get to holiday with friends when you go away, as well as having someone to relax and have fun with at resident gatherings such as the parties we have here at Silver Bay!


5. You’ll always get access to your favourite amenities

When people go on holiday you’re bound to have access to certain amenities, but when you own your own holiday home you know you’re going to get everything you want each and every time you visit.

This means you get to avoid any nasty surprises such as the pool being too small or the beach being miles away.

At Silver Bay, our pool is brand new, and our private beach is close to hand – perfect for those lazy summer days. Don’t miss out.


6. You know you’re going to a beautiful destination


As well as amenities that may not always be what you thought, if you go to a hotel, your room might not be either. It’s happened to all of us, that strange smell that won’t go away, or that weird noise you keep hearing in the middle of the night and can’t figure out what it is.

The area you’re staying in could also be questionable if you’re new to the area and leave you feeling unsafe. This won’t happen with a holiday home.

Our gated community is the perfect place for you and your family to relax and have some fun.

You also get to visit our park before you buy if you’re interested in joining our community to get a taste of what we’re all about – so there’ll be no nasty surprises upon arrival.

You’ll know exactly how amazing Silver Bay is before you leave your home!


7. You get your own private outdoor space

When on holiday, you’ll find all outdoor space is usually communal. This means you have to share and can’t dine alfresco in peace and private. Here at Silver Bay this isn’t the case.

Most of our properties come with decking, and these are great places to relax outdoors with room to manoeuvre for just your family or company – perfect!

You can rest assured your holiday home will be private. Even our caravans are spaced out to avoid that ‘packed in’ feel you get from some holiday parks.


8. Lots of extra space

If you go on holiday, the likelihood is you’re going to have one bedroom for your family, two at a push – and they quickly get cramped.

But here at Silver Bay you can ensure you invest in a property that has plenty of room for all of your family.

You’ll get more bedrooms, an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, dining room and much more. It’ll feel more like a home than a hotel ever could – perfect for an excellent break for everyone.


Holiday Homes at Silver Bay

What do you think? Intrigued to find out more about our holiday homes? Take a look here at our wonderful collection. We also have a fantastic e-brochure you can download.

If your interest is piqued and you’d like to see what a day would be like in one of our very own Reef lodges would be like, take a look here at this blog entry.

Silver Bay is a family friendly holiday park that everyone’s sure to love. So what are you waiting for? Call us on 01407 860 111 to discover more and speak to our friendly staff!