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We’re keen bloggers here at Silver Bay Holiday Village and we love nothing more than giving our luxury lodge owners and friends an insight into life at our holiday resort on Anglesey. With our weekly blog, we like to update you on key topics that make us and our lodge owners tick. From things to do to the best restaurants to visit (including The Deck House, of course!) you’ll have plenty of reading material to help you plan your next Anglesey break.

We also post about upcoming events on site including everything from beauty events to annual parties, so if you want to keep ahead of the game and make sure you get tickets, keep checking back!


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When the summer months arrive, we all love to head outdoors and make the most of the wonderful weather – and here at Silver Bay, we’re no different.

We love being outdoors, and when the weather is a little warmer it can be the perfect excuse to enjoy an extra special summer party.

But if you’re struggling to know where to start with your party, don’t fear! We’ve got some fantastic tips below that you’re sure to love.

1. Pick The Right Day and Time

We all know the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so it’s always best to try and be somewhat flexible with your party date.

If you do that, then you’ll be able to get a better idea of what the weather will be like on your party day and increase your chances of sunshine!

However, if you want to invite lots of people then you may not have that privilege. But one key thing to remember is that a party in August may be more likely to turn out better than one in June – so do your weather research!


2. Prepare For Anything

summer drinks silver bay holiday village summer party 2016

Sometimes whether you plan your party months in advance or weeks, the weather can still turn on you and the heavens can open regardless. So you need to be prepared!

Consider getting a gazebo set up so that you can still enjoy being outdoors even if the rain is pouring. Also consider buying some blankets for people to throw over themselves if they get little chilly.

It’s these extra little touches that will make your party one to remember.


3. Encourage Others To Help

People may shy away from parties thinking about things such as what it might actually cost, but if you encourage people to also bring something with them the cost doesn’t have to become monumental.

For example, asking people to bring certain dishes and puds can save you a heck of a lot of time and money! And let’s not forget the drinks either – make sure you ask people to bring their own beer.

Your kitchen and fridge will be full in no time.


4. Plan something for the kids

Everyone loves a party, but they like to get up to different things. Adults like to relax and chat, whereas your kids may have other ideas.

If you plan a few activities to keep them entertained then you don’t need to worry about them growing bored and, in turn, interrupting your chill out time.

To keep them occupied why not drag out some board games or encourage a game of musical statues or pass the parcel?

These things will take minutes to prepare, but the kids will love it.

5. Consider a BBQ

Shish kebab, bbq, silver bay holiday village anglesey summer holidays

If the weather’s good, then you might want to consider having a scrumptious BBQ.

It’s a great way to cook large amounts of food fresh and you can ask your guests to bring an array of meats and veggie treats too.

Just make sure you check everything is cooked thoroughly before serving – the last thing you want is for someone to get food poisoning!

6. Make Tidying As Easy As Possible

One of the not so great things about a party is all the tidying up after, but there are a few things you can do to help make it easier for you.

By giving everyone paper plates for food, you don’t need to worry about washing everything up later.

As well as this, it’s a good idea to have a recycle box for cans and bottles that everyone can get access to easily. If it’s in a place they pass by often, they’re likely to just toss their empties in, saving you collecting them all later on your own!

It might also be a good idea to do some tidying before bed so you don’t have to wake up to a messy house the next day. Trust us, you’ll be thankful in the morning.

7. Pick The Right Music

When you have a party it’s tempting to put all your favourite songs on and that’s that. But all the best parties have an array of music and styles for all tastes – something which you should consider too.

If you set up an iPod docking station then you can allow other people to connect their music up.

You could also set up something like Spotify and comb through their playlists until you find the perfect party collection that has something for everyone.

8. Consider Your Neighbours

Everyone loves a party, but it’s not so great for those who aren’t there who are trying to get some sleep.

Always remember to be mindful of those around you whilst you’re having fun.

Turning your music down before it gets too late and lowering your voices can be a great way to keep having fun whilst also caring for your neighbours, too.

Silver Bay Holiday Park

Imagine hosting a summer party at your very own luxury lodge! That’s what our residents can do here at Silver Bay right now.

We have a great community, and we all love coming together for some summer fun. So if you could see yourself doing something similar in the near future, then take a look at our brochure.

You can request a call back if you have any questions, or call our helpful staff yourself on 01407 860 111 to find out more about our amazing Welsh holiday park.


BBQ season is so close we can smell it! And here at Silver Bay Holiday Village, we adore nothing more than sitting down with friends and family enjoying some delectable treats cooked under the British sunshine.

But a successful barbecue is more than just some meat and coals. In fact, there’s a lot more to the art of BBQ-ing than meets the eye – which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you host the perfect summer barbecue.

So make sure you take note before heading out from your holiday home to purchase supplies! This blog could very well be the key to the best BBQ you’ve ever had.


1. Choose your meats carefully

Instead of heading straight to one of the big supermarket chains, why not consider doing your barbecue a little differently this year?

Visiting a local butchers can be a great way to get access to some amazing, quality food, whilst also supporting local businesses.

Local butchers close to Silver Bay include ET Jones, Sons and Daughter which is a 17-minute drive as well as Valley Butchers (Cigydd Y Fali) which is even closer with an 11-minute drive.

2. Widen your drinks selection

silver bay holiday village anglesey drinks summer bbq

You may have noticed we posted a blog just last week all about Anglesey inspired mocktails and cocktails, and these are an excellent way to take your BBQ above and beyond! You can create these drinks in bigger portions and swish them into a punch bowl for everyone to enjoy – and the alcohol-free options means that everyone can have a go!

3. Take it in turns

If you really want a great BBQ for everyone, then it might be a great idea to take the cooking in turns. It can be easy to find the best cook of the group and leave them to it, but when do they get the chance to relax?!

Taking it in turns is kind and lets everyone get involved – the perfect solution to BBQ heaven.


4. It’s time to marinade!

Instead of just cooking your meats plain, a marinade can add a totally new depth of flavour to any style of meat. Maybe try a BBQ glaze or something spicy to really jazz things up a little. Your guests will certainly be impressed and appreciate the flavourful gesture!

5. Don’t skip dessert

silver bay holiday village anglesey cream puffs

Sometimes when we BBQ we forget about those poor souls with a sweet tooth who have eaten their burger and are now waiting to round their meal off! But a barbecue can be a fantastic way to cook desserts and put a brand new spin on them.

One of our favourites to cook in this way is smores. All you need are two Rich Teas, giant marshmallows and chocolate. Now melt the marshmallows above the barbecue and squish them between your two biscuits with a piece of chocolate. They’re an American treat but they’re sure to become a quick favourite with everyone there as well. Just be sure to warn them about how warm the marshmallows can get to avoid anyone burning themselves!


6.Invite everyone!

BBQs are a fantastic way to socialise, so what better excuse than to invite everyone you can? If you ask them to bring something too you’ll find both your food and drinks selections filling up rapidly with a wide selection of choices – and you could make some brand new Silver Bay friends along the way.


7. Make sure everything is cooked through

We’re sure you will do anyway, but it’s always best to make sure everything is cooked through when you’re BBQing. It’ll avoid any upset stomachs and ensure everyone is satisfied. If you’re unsure how meats should be cooked, take a look at this helpful BBQ safety blog.

8. Rest your meats

It’s quite tempting to pop your meat onto the hungry plates of your guests as soon as it’s cooked, but resting your meat can ensure a taste sensation with every bite!

This is because resting your meats allows them to reabsorb their juices making them more tender. Delicious!

Summertime at Silver Bay Holiday Village

So there you have it, our top tips for the perfect BBQ. Now all you need to do is wait for the sun to put his hat on and head straight outdoors for some summer BBQ fun. Because nothing says summer quite like cooking your dinner outdoors!

Intrigued to find out more about Silver Bay? Give us a call on 01407 860 111 to find out more or download our free eBrochure.