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We’re keen bloggers here at Silver Bay Holiday Village and we love nothing more than giving our luxury lodge owners and friends an insight into life at our holiday resort on Anglesey. With our weekly blog, we like to update you on key topics that make us and our lodge owners tick. From things to do to the best restaurants to visit (including The Deck House, of course!) you’ll have plenty of reading material to help you plan your next Anglesey break.

We also post about upcoming events on site including everything from beauty events to annual parties, so if you want to keep ahead of the game and make sure you get tickets, keep checking back!


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The weather on our island follows the path of quintessential British seasons. From the long, warm summers to snow coated winters, each season brings something new and fresh to the table – and we adore them all.

Below we’ve outlined the average temperatures you can expect during your holidays on the island, as well as some stunning photography captured during the seasons we love the most. We even discuss the wildlife that thrives, as well as the best seasonal events to mark on your calendar!


Spring is the beginning of something special, the time for fresh starts and beautiful, blooming flowers. Moreover, on Anglesey, our island is transformed into a natural paradise. Animals appear from their winter burrows, and the sense of new life and beginnings is everywhere you look.

Stretching between March, April and May, the temperature highs reach between 8, 11 and 13 degrees Celsius – perfect conditions for stepping outdoors and exploring the beautiful nature right on our doorstep. Daffodils will be blooming across the island during this time of year, as will breath-taking, brightly coloured tulips.

Spring also sees some magnificent events on the Isle. This year Mother’s Day will be falling on March 26th, and we’ll even be hosting a special Mother’s Day lunch at The Deck House.

Water wildlife is thriving in spring, and visitors to the island can expect to see dragonflies and butterflies fluttering across the picturesque, spring sky. Nesting colonies also appear on the coast of Anglesey, and are the perfect spot to witness a wide range of marine birds.

As far as springtime events on the island go, we welcome back the Farmer’s Market down by Menai Bridge on the third Sunday of every month. The Vintage Rally at the Anglesey Showground will also be coming back on the 20th-21st of May, so why not witness the rare and vintage motors under the glow of the spring sunshine?



As the temperature rises and the days draw out longer, when summer arrives on the island, you can’t help but feel e Between June and August, visitors flock to Anglesey to make the most of our award-winning coastlines, and it’s the perfect opportunity to dive into new experiences on the sunny Isle.

As roses and wildflower meadows bloom across local gardens and heritage sites, and right here at Silver Bay, summer is when the most magical memories of the year are created.

Temperatures reach highs between 15 and 17 degrees coupled with the famous Anglesey island breeze. If you’re a water baby, you’ll discover an Anglesey summer is perfect for spending the day by (and in!) the ocean.

Dolphins appear on our coast in both spring and summer, and you can see them from the coast or take a lovely boat trip. One of the most popular providers of these trips are Seacoast Safaris, and although dolphin sightings can’t be promised, you’ll definitely be able to see some puffins over on Puffin Island.

As usual, we’ll be hosting our annual Summer Party here at Silver Bay Holiday Village, exclusive to holiday home owners. We’ll also be launching our Tough Beacher competition, our play on the ‘Tough Mudder’ races, as well as reopening our ‘Snack Shack’ down by the beach.

When exploring the island, summer activities to note include the ever-popular Anglesey County Show between the 15th and 16th of August which will feature a range of places to shop and view some of the finest livestock around. Also taking place is The Great Strait Raft Run on the 3rd and 4th of June, which is a rafting event held between the slade port of Felinheli and the Menai Bridge designed to raise money for charity.



When the air has a little bite and the wind whirls across an abundance of reds and golds, you know autumn has arrived. The sun settles lower in the sky casting a hazy glow over the island, we welcome the autumnal months with open arms onto Anglesey.

It’s such a special time of year for whimsical rambles through one of our many nature reserves, and it’s also a fantastic time of year to experience some of the most picturesque views as the island takes on a new, rustic look.

Red squirrels appear during these months, spreading from September to November, and temperatures start to drop again, reaching highs of only 13 and 10 degrees celsius.

Salmon also flourish during this time of year, and many can be seen jumping out of rivers all over Wales – and the Menai Straits are a good spot for salmon fishing. Seals can also be seen on the coast, so make sure you cast a watchful eye while on your coastal walks.

If you’re hoping to spot some beautiful flowers during autumn on the island, you’re in for a treat. Look out for some beautiful Dahlias – Anglesey Abbey tends to be full of these striking and colourful plants.

Yet perhaps one of the most spectacular sights are the amber, yellow and crimson leaves as they drift towards the ground, providing the forests and woodlands with a rich carpet of colour. Make sure you explore our woods on site and across the island and enjoy a shuffle over the crunching leaves – childhood nostalgia at its finest.

In early autumn, one of the island’s most famous marathons, The Ring o’ Fire will be taking place between the 1st and 3rd of September, making the most of the last of the summer sunshine. We’ll also be hosting our Halloween party at The Deck House yet again, so make sure you practice your pumpkin carving and pick out the spookiest outfit you can find!



The final, and perhaps one of the most beautiful seasons on the island – winter is not one to be missed.

Stretching between December and February, a chill settles into the air with temperatures reaching to a maximum of 7-8 degrees celsius. And when the skies are blue, but the cold is bracing, it can be one of the most refreshing times to explore the island – especially if you fancy heading to the coast and breathing away those winter cobwebs!

Stunning seabirds migrate during this period on the island, so watch out for them painting the sky with their beautiful formations. Porpoises can also sometimes be seen, having a year-round presence along the Welsh coast.

Flowers, snowdrops and winter aconites flourish during the colder months. As the trees grow bare these plants breath a sense of new beginnings yet to come, creating a very beautiful sight indeed – perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike.

Anglesey is always full to the brim with Christmas events during this time of year. From our Christmas and NYE parties at The Deck House to the Plas Newydd Christmas Fair and Beaumaris Victorian Christmas Markets – it’s a magnificent time to take a trip to our island and immerse yourself in your very own magical, winter escape.


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Not only is Anglesey a great island to explore for us humans – it’s also a fabulous place to bring your pet dog, too.

Our golden coastline matched with our green, forest woodlands are the perfect place for paws to trek –  which means that even your dog can take a holiday to Anglesey too.

We welcome dogs onsite here at Silver Bay Holiday Village too, because we know your pet pooches are also a beloved member of your family unit. So if you’re planning on bringing your dog to our holiday park, or are simply popping over to Anglesey for a day visit – this blog is for you.

PS. If you’re looking to find out more about owning a home at our holiday village, view our free eBrochure here.


Running wild and free is one of every dog’s favourite pastimes – which is why they love frolicking in the sand at Silver Bay beach!

Our green coast award-winning beach provides a safe haven for your furry one to be let off of the leash and have some much-deserved exercise and fun. And best of all, you can rest assured they’ll be safe here, because our coast is one of the cleanest in the country!

After a run on the beach, why not let them splash in the water or perhaps play a game of catch? There’s plenty of space for your dog to bound without disturbing anyone else enjoying a day out at Silver Bay beach – it’s the perfect solution for dog-loving families looking for an outdoor retreat suitable for everyone in their party.



The dog attractions at Silver Bay aren’t all based outdoors. In fact, the Holyhead Land Train is accessible to all the family and they welcome pet pooches aboard, too!

Perfect for viewing the beautiful Breakwater area (which we’ll also talk about later in this article) the train will take you along a 1 and three quarter mile journey – allowing you to kick back and enjoy the view.

Trips are hourly between 12 and 6pm every day during the school holidays, and it’s also open weekends outside of holiday time too. So if you’re planning on heading over, make sure you put the Holyhead Land Train onto your schedule!



After all the exploring, you and your loved ones are going to need a bite to eat – and one pub that openly welcomes dogs on the island is The White Eagle.

The establishment is popular with visitors and locals, and from their tasty starters including Baked Camembert to their Pepper Venison Steaks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

To explore more about the pub, head on over to their website here. You can also explore their scrumptious dinner menu online – but we’ll have to warn you, your stomach will be rumbling by the end of it!


holyhead breakwater.jpg

Image sourced from www.angleseylist.co.uk.

Our nature reserves and woodlands are ideal for families with dogs, but for something a little different we recommend you head on over to Holyhead Breakwater Country Park.

Found next to Holyhead town, the park is on the site of a former quarry and was opened in 1990. Full of trees, rocks and stunning greenery, your dog and your family with love rambling through this lovely park.

Dogs can be let off their leads to explore, just make sure to take extra care to watch out for other wildlife on the way including ducks and horses. And after a wander there’s a lovely cafe where you fill everyone’s boots before exploring a little more.

It’s the 3rd most popular thing to do in Holyhead according to TripAdvisor, so make sure you don’t miss this activity for all the family – whether they’ve got four legs or two!


Why only stick to land when you bring your dog on holiday? Seacoast Safaris permit your four-legged friends on their boats too – making it the perfect afternoon out for everyone.

They invite well-behaved pooches on their Cerismar Two Cruises. You can either head on over to Puffin Island, which, you guessed it, is home to a range of cute, little puffins – or you can choose to explore the magnificent Menai Straits.

Seats should be reserved in advance to avoid disappointment and prices are £9.95 for adults and £7.95 for children. If you have a family of four, you can also purchase a £30 family ticket.

To find out more, visit their website.



SB doggy.jpg

Wherever you choose to head during your stay on our island, you can rest assured both you and your pet pooch will have a fabulous time! And if you’re looking for more dog-friendly articles, take a look at the suggestions below.

Silver Bay Holiday Village is a holiday park on the isle of Anglesey. You can buy your very own slice of paradise and luxury property, and we also welcome dogs on site!

Find out more here.

If you would like to find out more about our stunning, Anglesey holiday properties, and how you can become an owner, click here and view our eBrochure.


2017 looks set to be a fantastic year on Anglesey. We have a range of events taking place across the island that will entertain and engage all varieties of people, and we’re certain you won’t want to miss them.

From the Anglesey Farmer’s Market through the Ring O’Fire Ultra Marathon, we challenge you to get through this article without becoming incredibly excited!


Crabs anglesey farmer's market north wales

A classic event staple appearing throughout the year on Anglesey is, of course, our darling Farmer’s Market.

Featuring some the best produce on the island, from gooey puddings to fresh Anglesey crab, there’s something suited to every taste.

The farmer’s market takes place on the third Sunday of every month and is hosted at David Hughes School in Menai Bridge. Be sure to fit  it into your Anglesey schedule if the date coincides with your trip.

And if you miss this one, don’t worry. The next events take place on the 18th of March and the 15th of April.


If you love both running and the Isle of Anglesey, what better event to take part in during your next break than the great half-marathon – The Island Race.

Lasting around 13 miles, this gruelling challenge describes itself as ‘The UK’s Most Beautiful Half-Marathon’, and is a delight to behold.

Runners will also get a free t-shirt included with the ticket price, which varies between £28-£33, and there will even be races and activities for spectators too.

To find out more, explore their website here. The race starts at 09:00am sharp!


Plas Newydd is one of the most popular, picturesque stately home and gardens on Anglesey, and this April, they will be hosting an open air theatre in their stunning gardens.

Perfect for all the family, the performances will be interactive and will require a small amount of walking – perfect for entertaining your children and sparking their imaginations. The story will see you and your little ones following Wenna with her wheelbarrow as she discovers all the secrets of Plas Newydd’s horticulture.

Each performance will be around 25 minutes in total, and there’s no need to book. Starting at 11am and finishing at 4pm, it’s the ideal 2017 event for a fun-filled afternoon.

To find out more you can contact the National Trust property on 01248 714795.


Vintage motors and entertainment galore, the Vintage Rally at Anglesey Showground is a magnificent family event appearing on the island in May.

Run by the Anglesey Vintage Equipment Society, which is filled with volunteers, the society aims to promote the importance of preserving old machinery.

You can expect to see a wide variety of equipment including steam engines and vintage cars, and with tickets free for children up to the age of 12, £1 for those between 12 and 16 and £8 for adults, what’s not to love?


A staple in the Anglesey events calendar, the Anglesey Show is back for 2017.

Visitors will get a good look at handsome livestock, enjoy tasty treats in the food hall and also whittle away the hours in the shopping and exhibition pavilion.

Sister to the annual Anglesey Winter Show, the event will be held at the Mona Showground and promises to be a great event.

Tickets cost just £14 per adult, £4.60 per child – and you can snag a family ticket for £35 if there’s four of you! They can be purchased online here.


If you thought a half-marathon was challenging, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The Ring O’Fire Ultra Marathon is one of our islands most gruelling tests of stamina and determination, and sports enthusiasts will love it.

This coastal run covers 135 mile in three days, and runners get the chance to see everything from our glorious sea views through to the magnificent Snowdonia mountains.

2017 will be the 6th anniversary of the race, and you can sign up for the event right here.


We hope you’ve found something on this list that’s tickled your fancy. There are many great events, some of which will even be held at our very own holiday park, so keep checking back for all things Anglesey!

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Anglesey holiday tips.

And that’s not all. If you fancy owning a slice of your very own paradise on our magnificent island then get in touch today on 01407 860 860. You can also view our free eBrochure here.


Each culture has different Christmas traditions, it’s part of what makes the festive time of year so rich in diversity and so full of wonder. And just like there are particular traditions practiced in Ireland, England and Scotland – there are also some Welsh Christmas traditions that people should enjoy!

If you’re planning on celebrating the festive period on Anglesey this season, then we suggest you take a little look below and integrate some Welsh practices into your Christmas celebrations. They’ll certainly add a new, yet old, spin on the most magical time of year!


What would Christmas be without carols? Well, in Wales caroling is traditionally a little different.

Taking place early Christmas morning, between 3am and 6am, to be precise, people would gather in local churches and sing their hearts out during the 19th century.

They usually stayed awake throughout the night ready for the early morning carols – and although we think the tiredness may have put a bit of a damper on Christmas day itself, why not have a little sing song with the family before bed this year?

Plygain also still occasionally happens, meaning that if you really want to take part this year you can! Churches famed for it include St David’s Bishop’s Palace, so be sure to seek out those in your local area for something a bit different.

Welsh Christmas Toffee

Welsh Christmas Toffee

We all love a few extra sweet treats during Christmas time, and so to do our friends in Wales.  In fact, they often made toffee an integral part of their celebrations in years gone by.

On Toffee Evening, also known as Noson Gyfraith, friends and families would get together at one another’s houses and play games, have food, tell stories and make toffee over the fire.

It was popular during the late 19th century, so why not have a go at making your own this Christmas? It’ll certainly invite a little bit of Welsh festive charm into your lodge. You can also nip to the supermarket and pick some up if you want to take a little shortcut. We promise we won’t tell anyone!


In Wales, the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treating was actually something that happened during the festive period. On New Year’s Day, between dawn and noon, children would go from door to door with good wishes for the new year, and in some cases, they would sing and splash people with water. They would then be given a gift for their troubles, usually loose change.

We don’t recommend your children continue this tradition in 2017 as it hasn’t been practiced since the early 19th century – but it might be nice to wish each other well and buy gifts for New Year’s Day.

We can’t think of a lovelier start to the new year.


Not all Welsh Christmas traditions are particularly pleasant, and one of the less favourable festive customs lies within ‘holming.’ This tradition also took place during the early 19th century, and you wouldn’t have wanted to be the last one to get out of bed on Boxing Day!

If you were, you would be beaten with prickly holly sprigs. As you can imagine, this is something that is certainly not practiced any longer. But if you want to make fun of the last person out of bed on boxing day, we recommend a friendly little hair-ruffle. Perhaps even a snuggly hug!

New Year’s Eve Drinks

Festive drink at NYE

There are four staples of a modern-day New Year’s Eve. Family, friends, food, and last but not least, something to whet your whistle! And as you can imagine, there also used to be a traditional Welsh drink created at NYE that people enjoyed.

This tradition actually has roots back to Tudor customs, where people drank from patterned Wassail bowls. They’d be full to the top with tasty sugar, fruit, spices and warm beer. Yum!

Why not try making your own version for New Year’s Eve? Everyone loves a good punch, and it’s a great way to toast 2017 with those you care about.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Anglesey

Squirrel in the snow

If you fancy spending Christmas and NYE in your very own holiday home, then why not get in touch with Silver Bay Holiday Village today? We’re also hosting our annual Christmas and NYE’s parties too, exclusively for lodge owners, and we’d love to have you along.

Take a look at our free eBrochure here or call our General Manager Jamie on 01407 860 111 to find out more.

You can also take a look at our blog from Sian Ediss, who recently visited our site for a taster weekend!


As the evenings sparkle with Christmas lights and Christmas trees pop up across the island, Anglesey becomes that extra bit more magical as the festive season rolls in.

We’re already incredibly excited to celebrate this special time of year. In fact, we’ve just launched details of our Christmas Party, as well as our Christmas Beauty Event. But there are also plenty of other festive events to keep you entertained whilst taking an Anglesey break during this fabulous time of year.

Below are the top events that you should keep an eye out for as the nights draw in and the big day looms ever closer!

1. Plas Newydd Christmas fair

The Christmas Fair at Plas Newydd

Image sourced from www.nationaltrust.org.uk.

Returning year after year, the Plas Newydd Christmas Fair is the epitome of festive fun. The glorious stately home will be transformed, full to the brim with festive stalls and wonderful Christmas gifts for family and friends.

The fair will be taking place between the 2nd and 5th of December for 2016, which is the longest it’s been running yet. Father Christmas will also be putting in an appearance on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday – so be on your best behaviour!

Tickets are £1 per adult and children go free, as do National Trust members. Be sure to pop down if you’re in the area.

2. Christmas Food Slam

We have some really yummy food created here on Anglesey – we even did a blog about all the great produce we create – and Christmas is the perfect excuse to get involved and sample some of the finest Anglesey cuisine around.

Head over to the Prince’s Pier in Menai Bridge on Saturday the 10th of December for a magical afternoon. There’ll be live music including a festive brass band, street food, cocktails, face painting and much, much more.

And best of all – entry is free! All you need to do is collect tickets from Dylan’s Restaurant. Click here to find out more.

3. Beaumaris Victorian Christmas

Christmas is coming early this year in Beaumaris… on the 26th of November to be precise!

A stand out event on the Anglesey Christmas calendar, the Victorian Christmas in Beaumaris is a celebration of our Victorian heritage. The Victorians themselves actually invented the Christmas Cracker – so it’s clear they know a thing or two about this time of year.

There will be a huge Victorian Christmas parade in the streets and the Christmas lights will also be switched on. But the fun doesn’t end there. There will also be a range of festive stalls in the streets and in certain halls throughout the town – exciting stuff!

You can take a look at their Facebook page to find out everything you need to know. And Santa will also be making an appearance here, too. He’s certainly a busy guy this year.

4. Silver Bay Christmas Party

Christmas, santa clause with a little girl.

How could we have a blog without mentioning the annual Silver Bay Christmas Party? It’s back for 2016, and we’re proud to be hosting it for the very first time in our fantastic newly-refurbished Deck House.

Taking place on the eve of 26th of November (the perfect place to go after a day at the Beaumaris Victorian Christmas parade, hint hint!), the evening promises to be one of laughter, games, tasty food and present giving from Father Christmas himself.

Tickets are £8 per adult and £6 per child and under 3’s go free. Be sure to book now to avoid disappointment by calling 01407 860 860.

5. Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Pine cones on a christmas treeFlex those festive fingers this season and head on down to a wonderful Christmas Wreath Making workshop. Located at Penrhyn Castle, there’s no need to book this event. All you have to do is turn up between 11am and 4pm between the 11th and 18th of December and create a wreath with all natural materials from around the castle.

They make fantastic, unique gifts – and also look great on your own front door too!

It only costs £3.50 per wreath, so why not pop on down and do something a little different this Christmas?

6. A Christmas Choral Concert

One of the best thing about Christmas is the music, there’s no denying that. And if you’re not feeling the festive spirit this year, you soon will be after a sing song!

Hosted by the North Wales Rugby Choir (yes, you read that right!) the event will be held at Penrhyn Castle’s Grand Hall.

The concert is happening on Friday the 2nd of December and you can book tickets online right here. It’s £8 per person, and certainly worth it for an evening of Christmas sing songs amongst a truly festive setting.

7. ELEMIS Christmas Beauty Event

A pile of ELEMIS gift set Christmas presents

Christmas is a time for feeling good and looking good too, which is why we’re proud to present our Christmas Beauty Event at the Spa at Silver Bay.

On the 18th of November, we’ll be opening our spa doors and welcoming both lodge owners and Anglesey locals alike inside. Guests will receive a glass of prosecco and mince pie on arrival, as well as a deluxe hand massage, foot massage or a 10-minute facial – and also have full access to our spa and leisure centre. Please note, however, that this event is now sold out. Keep an eye out for future Spa events by liking us on Facebook!

Silver Bay at Christmas

Ever wanted your own holiday home? Well, you can either ask Santa and hope for the best or you can download our free eBrochure and have a little look yourself.

If you see something you like, you can call Jamie Hughes on 01407 860 111 with any questions or queries, and maybe even book a tour of the site to get a feel for the Silver Bay experience. We’d love to welcome you to our amazing holiday village

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest Silver Bay news.


There’s something quite magical and beautiful about this time of year. The sounds, the smells, the long, invigorating walks through fallen leaves and, of course, the colour.

It’s the perfect time to explore the outdoors. Walks on Anglesey are a treat of autumnal colour and the sea is also at its warmest, and if you’re lucky, the Indian summer sunshine will keep you warm during daylight hours.

In our latest blog, we explore the wonders of autumnal nature on Anglesey and have some activity ideas to keep your little ones happy and busy during the October half-term.


Anglesey’s Autumn Wildlife

With the arrival of autumn comes a very special time for one of the local’s favourite animals – the seal! Seal pups are born in autumn, and they will be in various locations across the island. Be sure to keep an eye out for some if you decide to head out on an autumnal coastal walk. We’d love to see some pictures if you manage to snap any!

You’ll also be able to see both Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises if you head on over to the North Coast of the island.

Autumn on Anglesey dolphins

Hedgehogs are another animal who loves to venture out during this spectacular time of year. They’re most often found in the woodlands and avoid very wet areas. If you head to the woods, also be on alert for red squirrels who love frolicking in the crisp leaves during this season. Tip: to catch some red squirrels in action, try the National Trust gardens at Plas Newydd.

a hedgehog

In terms of birds, you can expect to find the likes of Great White Egrets, Little Stints, Curlew Sandpipers, Yellow-Browed Warblers, Osprey and Wryneck – which have all been recently spotted on the island. Get out those binoculars and go exploring to see what you can uncover.


Anglesey Autumn Nature

When the leaves turn from a vivid green to vibrant orange, yellows and browns, nature on Anglesey really is spectacular. Hawthorn berries are about, and these make great foods for birds if you want to make sure they get enough to eat now that the weather’s cooling!

Also remember to keep an eye out for the Anglesey plants that we’re famous for including Black Bog-Rush, the Common Reed, Great Fen Sedge and Fen Pondweed.

We love our nature on the island, and we just know you’ll love it too if you visit during the autumn months.


Anglesey Autumn Kids’ Activities

Autumn is a great time to have some fun with the children, and there are some lovely autumn themed activities that you can partake in whilst staying in your lodge at Silver Bay.

Below we’ve gathered a few ideas to leave you feeling inspired – and they’re all easy to do.


Autumn Baking

Autumn baking ideas silver bay

With all the lovely autumnal foods feeding through into our diets, it could be time to partake in some autumn baking! Favourites at this time of year include sticky toffee pudding, gingerbread biscuits and also pumpkin pies and cupcakes. Why not see what recipes you can find online on the BBC Good Food website? They have a great range available, so we’re certain you’ll find something tasty for you and your little ones to create together.


Autumn Walks

There are plenty of wonderful walking areas all around Silver Bay that make for the most wonderful autumnal strolls. If you head out around the site you’ll be able to see some wonderful sights such as the photographs below taken by one of our lovely, talented residents!

Autumn view on Anglesey

Beautiful flowers and sunset on Anglesey

These photos are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural autumn beauty on and around Silver Bay – so we recommend you go and explore yourself. And don’t forget to take your camera!


Autumn Playdough

Did you know that it’s really easy to make your own playdough at home? And now that it’s autumn, why not fill your playdough collection with autumnal colours of orange, golden yellow and soothing browns?

Take a look at this recipe right here on AllRecipes.co.uk. All you need is 250g of flour, 50g of salt, 140ml of water and 1 – 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. Then you can add whatever colours you fancy into the mix for an autumnal playdough extravaganza!


Create Halloween Decorations

Halloween becomes more popular with each passing year – so why not go all out for 2016 and decorate your luxury lodge with some spooktacular decorations?

Whether you encourage your little ones to create Halloween themed pictures or create bunting out of orange card (cut into pumpkin shapes, of course!) and string – it’s incredibly easy to decorate for Halloween.

And don’t forget to pick up some pumpkins for carving. If you worry about your little one’s fingers when it comes to carving, why not get them to draw onto the pumpkins with markers and then cut them out yourself? There’s also a fantastic Silver Bay pumpkin competition running at the Halloween party, so be sure to bring your best carving efforts along for a chance to win.


Autumn On Silver Bay

If you’d like to spend the autumn relaxing at Silver Bay, why not see what lovely lodges we have for sale? Explore our luxury lodge page or download our free eBrochure here.

Any questions or queries? Give us a call on 01407 860 111. And if you’re looking for anymore autumn pass-time ideas, why not check out our spooky, Halloween themed blog?


Anglesey has a wealth of organic farmers’ markets, artisan producers, food festivals, and award-winning restaurants, ensuring the taste of Anglesey is one to really savour…

We’ve collated some of Anglesey’s most loved local delicacies, from Welsh Cakes, to Halen Môn sea salt there’s something that all palettes can appreciate.

Whether you’re looking to taste your way around the island or perhaps collect a selection of local specialities to make a hamper for loved ones at home, there’s something for everyone in our Part 1 round-up.

Disclosure: This blog may cause serious stomach rumbles.


Anglesey Eggs

Image sourced from WhatToHaveForDinnerTonight.com.

This dish is a true Anglesey classic. Made out of eggs, potatoes, leeks, breadcrumbs, cheese and nutmeg, this tasty treat makes for the perfect Anglesey influenced dinner time treat.

Want to make this dish yourself? The nation’s favourite duo of bakers The Hairy Bikers have an Anglesey eggs and bacon recipe on the BBC food website. Why not pop on your chef’s hat and apron and prepare something unique for dinner? We’re sure your loved ones will appreciate it!

Welsh Cakes

Image sourced from Wikimedia

A classic all over Wales, Welsh Cakes are also a culinary highlight of Anglesey. This fruity flat bread dates back to the 19th century, and they’re cooked on a griddle like a pancake as opposed to being baked in an oven. They can be served both hot and cold, and if you’re feeling indulgent you can also top them with jam or butter.

Made from flour, sugar, spices, butter, lard, baking powder, currants, eggs and milk, you’ll love this Welsh cake – and it makes for a wonderful snack after a day of fun at Silver Bay!

To find a local eatery that sells Welsh cakes on Anglesey, take a look here.


Anglesey Wine

Did you know we have our very own vineyard on Anglesey? And it’s home to some amazing wines that any wine lover is sure to adore. Anglesey is actually the perfect climate for grape growing, and Wales Online reported that it’s actually proving more fruitful than Bordeaux, France.

Known as the Ty Croes, the Anglesey vineyard stretches across two and a half acres of Anglesey land, and can be found on the southern part of the island.

Starting back in 2003, the vineyard offers tours as well as tasting experiences. To find out more about this lovely attraction and their wines, take a look at their website.


Anglesey Oysters

When you’re an island, you benefit from tasty seafood – and nowhere is this more obvious than with our beautiful Anglesey oysters.

You can indulge in these fishy treats on a wide range of places across the island. The Menai Oysters and Mussels Ltd are a popular place with locals and tourists and have their very own shop – and we also serve them in our recently refurbished Deck House.

Other restaurants on the island that serve up this Anglesey classic are Dylan’s, The Oyster Catcher, The Lobster Pot and many more. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying this dish so be sure to indulge wherever you are!


Halen Môn – Anglesey Sea Salt

The sea doesn’t only provide us with fresh seafood here on Anglesey, it also gives us some wonderful salt, too.

This is cultivated by none other than the Halen Mon Sea Salt company – a favourite with locals and tourists alike. As a family company, there’s an extra level of dedication and care that other salt suppliers simply cannot provide – and it makes for the perfect seasoning option for any dish you’re preparing.

You can visit their online shop to buy some salt or another tasty treat with their ingredients incorporated such as salted chocolate and sea-salted Welsh fudge. Salt is such a versatile ingredient, and Halen Mon are certainly making the most of it!


Anglesey Vinegar

What’s another great accompaniment alongside salt? Well, that’d be vinegar, of course! So in the name of keeping these two ingredients together, we thought we’d discuss Anglesey’s vinegar offering.

Vinegar on the island is sold by Amanda Janes of Anglesey, and the owner of which began by experimenting with turning wine into vinegar whilst working on a vineyard.

Now, Amanda buys the vinegar bases and adds her own unique flavours. She sells 12 stunning vinegar offerings, all flavoured in different ways. Fancy some Raspberry vinegar? Or how about some Minted Cider Vinegar? See the full list here and see if anything takes your fancy!


Anglesey Marshmallows

Image sourced from Bonny Confectionery

We can’t take credit for the creation of marshmallows here on Anglesey, but we do have our very own confectionary company specialising in this squishy treat!

Bonny Confectionery are experts at creating amazing gourmet marshmallows – and they’re gluten-free too!

There are all sorts of items for sale in their online shop including Marshmallow boxes and Marshmallow Melts specifically designed for hot chocolate. Explore everything they have on offer here.

Anglesey Foods and Silver Bay

Anglesey really is an experience for all the senses and it’s hard to find a better place for food lovers. Due to its fertile land, the island makes the most of its climate and luscious environment, such as offering the freshest of fish straight from the sea, seasoned with delicious Halen Môn sea salt extracted  from the crystal clear waters of the Menai Strait.

Like this? Then why not explore part one and part two of our Anglesey’s best restaurants blog?

If you’d love a holiday home on our beautiful Anglesey island, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Silver Bay. We have amazing holiday properties, and you can explore them in more details in our free eBrochure.

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The aurora lights are one of the most incredible phenomenons we have the opportunity to witness here on Earth – and we’re luckier than most on Anglesey because we have the chance to see these wonderful colours in the sky on our very own doorstep.

Best seen between September and April, the Aurora Lights, also known as the Northern Lights, are a natural light show that awe and inspire like no other – which is why we’ve decided to create a guide dedicated to increasing your chances to seeing this marvel on our island.

And remember, if you catch any pictures over Anglesey on your hunt, be sure to share them with us – we’d love to see!

Image sourced from Wikimedia.

Step 1 Visit the Website Aurora Watch

You can find anything on the internet these days, including a website detailing exactly when you can expect to find the Northern Lights over the UK.

To increase your chance of seeing the lights, make sure you visit the Aurora Watch website before you head out. It will tell you, via it’s colour coded schedule, whether or not you can expect to see the lights in your area at a particular moment in time. It’s a great starting point before you head out into the night with your camera!

If you’re super interested in seeing the lights, you can also set up email alerts so that you know when the lights are forecast to be strong. It’s a handy website for those in the UK wanting to see this tribute to the magnificence of nature.


Step 2 Make Sure The Weather’s Right

It’s vital to remember during your pursuit hunt for the Northern Lights that although there may be reports of light activity, you need the correct weather to be able to see the show in all its glory.

The most important weather factor to consider is cloud cover. If you hope to catch a glimpse of the lights, a clear night will fast become your best friend.

Make sure to always check the weather forecast before heading out – you don’t want to be disappointed!


Step 3 – Make Sure You’re Looking in the Right Direction

It might not always be 100% obvious where the lights are, so an integral part of aurora discovery hunting is to make certain that you’re looking in the right direction.

With that in mind, the name itself is a big clue with regards to the direction of the lights – they’re not called the Northern Lights for nothing! Take a compass out with you to help you with the direction you’re facing. There’s also a handy little compass on Google Maps at the top of the page on the app if you don’t have a traditional compass to hand.


Step 4 – Stay away from Artificial Light

Picture of the Northern Lights.

Just like the best places to see stars are those away from houses and streetlights, so too is your best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Head to an area where you know you already have a good view of the stars with a chance to see the lights.

Even if the lights don’t show up, the view of stars that night will also be one to remember.


Step 5 – Wrap Up Warm!

The Northern Lights tend to appear during the colder months of the year, September through to April, so during your hunt be sure that everyone in your party is thoroughly wrapped up. You can also make a night of it by bringing along thermal flasks filled with soothing tea or hot juice for your little ones – it will certainly make the evening a magical one.


Step 6 – Check The Time

If you’re following a recommendation from Aurora Watch, we recommend you stick to the times they recommend. However, if you’re heading out alone and want to make the most of your Northern Lights hunt, the best time to look for them are between 5pm and 2am.

Keep your watch or phone handy with the time, and alongside the right weather conditions, direction and also lack of artificial lights, you’re in good stead to see the amazing Aurora Lights.


Step 7 – Know What You’re Looking For

Northern Lights on Anglesey

Heading out to see the Northern Lights can be an educational trip as well as an inspiring one. If you have little ones with you, why not explain where the lights are coming from?

According to the Northern Light’s Centre, ‘The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.’

Passing this information onto children will help make this trip one about learning, as well as seeing something magnificent in the sky. We’ve also posted pictures throughout this blog to help you identify exactly what the Northern Lights may look like – just remember, they might not be as bright as some of these images.

Make sure you take a good camera if you want to capture your Northern Lights memories – you’ll be glad you did if they make an appearance!


Silver Bay Holiday Village – Anglesey

Not managed to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Lights? That’s not a problem, because here at Silver Bay we have plenty more wonderful sights for you to see.

Our luxury lodges are some of the finest in the UK, and we have a private beach, stunning spa and recently renovated bar, restaurant and lounge for residents to enjoy too.

To find out more, download our free eBrochure or request a call back here. Our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions or queries you may have about our Anglesey holiday park!



Everyone knows how much of a beautiful place Anglesey is, and unsurprisingly it draws many creatives to the area.

From fine artists to writers and photographers, not many can come to Anglesey and leave without feeling thoroughly inspired.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this selection of some of the best photography hotspots on Anglesey that everyone can visit if they’re looking for a little inspiration!

We hope you enjoy.

1. South Stack Lighthouse

One of the most beautiful places to visit on Anglesey is the South Stack Lighthouse. It’s a great place to get out your camera and snap some truly beautiful scenes. You’ll get access to some beautiful cliff sides as well as the regal lighthouse standing proud above the Anglesey waters. Exceptional!

2. Silver Bay Beach


No list of photography hot spots would be complete without our own beautiful Silver Bay Beach. Our stunning waterfront is home to some picture perfect views that your camera will adore. Just take a look below for an example of what you could capture at our perfect beach!

3. Newborough Beach

Another lovely beach in the area is Newborough beach. What we really love about this spot is that it’s not just lovely waters and sandy beaches.

It’s also home to some ruins that make for thought-provoking photographs.


4. Holyhead Breakwater Country Park

If you think your camera would really love capturing some beautiful mountains and the ocean on your next trip to Anglesey then you would adore a trip to Holyhead Breakwater Country Park. This nature hotspot is the perfect place to capture some lovely photographs that will remind you of your lovely Anglesey retreat!


5. Beaumaris Pier

If you love being close to water but want something different to photograph than a beach, then the Beaumaris Pier is an excellent spot to set up your camera for the afternoon. You can get some exceptional shots of the sunset surrounded by lovely mountains and water if you time it right!


6. Red Wharf Bay

For a true slice of paradise, Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey truly is a photographer’s paradise. You can get some amazing pictures here come rain or shine – at any time of the day. Make sure this is on your photography hotspot list if you’re in the area.


7. Newborough Nature Reserve

For sand dunes, rocks and beaches you won’t go wrong with a visit to the Newborough Nature Reserve. Find a little cove in the area and grab some spectacular images. You’ll be so proud of your work you’ll want them hanging on your wall!


8. Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

If you like to photograph beautiful flowers and stunning gardens, then the Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens is the perfect spot to get your camera out and start snapping something amazing! It’s one of the most popular spots on Anglesey and for good reason. You will find yourself in the middle of some amazing natural beauty that will translate effortlessly onto camera.


9. Foel Farm Park

Perhaps you’d like to photograph something a little different from nature scenes? Well, the Foel Farm Park is the perfect spot to get some animal interaction going!

Nothing photographs quite as wonderful as animals do, so be sure to head to the farm for some wonderful photographs with a difference!


10. Traeth Lligwy

Our last photography hotspot simply had to be Traeth Lligwy. This amazing beach is another lovely Anglesey classic, perfect for capturing on your camera. Why not take the family with you and capture some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime? It’s an exceptional Anglesey destination that your camera will adore.

Anglesey and Silver Bay Holiday Village


If you love nature and would adore a holiday home where you can wake up to something exceptionally beautiful every day, then why not consider buying on Silver Bay Holiday Village?

Our holiday village is one of the most picturesque destinations in the UK surrounded by both our stunning coast and the glorious Snowdonia mountains.

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It’s heating up for summer now, and we’re certainly excited about some of the events happening over the next few months on the beautiful island of Anglesey!

Whether you fancy getting active this summer or perhaps trying some of the stunning local food, there will be an event that’s we’re certain you’ll want to enjoy in the glorious sunshine.

Here are our top recommendations picked just for you. Head out on a few of these and you’re ensured to have some summer fun!


Anglesey Show

silver bay holiday village anglesey, anglesey show, sheep

We’re all bigs fans of agriculture in Anglesey, which is why we’re home to our very own two-day event which is all about agriculture – The Anglesey Show! It’ll be taking place during the 9th and 10th of August, and it’s a great event for all the family to get involved with and enjoy.

You can expect to find animals, tasty farm foods and even fun crafts to get involved with, making sure everyone has something fun to do.

Tickets are at a reduced price if you buy them online, so if you feel this is something you and your family might enjoy be sure to take a look here and get booking!


Holyhead Sailing Festival

As we’re an island, we get to benefit from beautiful beaches and truly stunning waters – and we also have a range of events that take place on our beautiful oceans.

One water themed event coming up this summer is the Holyhead Sailing Festival. This festival is a call out to all things traditional sailing, and they will be hosting boat races – and there will even be pirates there for the little ones to enjoy!

To find out more about the event visit the website here.


Anglesey’s Farmers Market

An event that all the local foodies are sure to love is the Anglesey Farmer’s Market! This occurs a few times of the year and we’re certain you’ll have a splendid time during your visit.

This Summer you can expect to find markets in July and August, in fact, it’s on the 3rd Saturday of every month so be sure to visit if you’re around!

At the market, you’ll find delectable treats made from locally sourced ingredients and you’ll find plenty of tasters available so you can really get a good feel for what food you might like best to take home with you!


Around the Island Race


Another one of the key things taking place is the Around the Island Race! It’ll be a great day out for those holidaying in the Anglesey area on the 6th August 2016, and it has been ongoing ever year since 1966!

It’s an exciting event to witness and is rather unique as the sailors take to the ocean and enjoy a riveting day of racing. It’s something all the family can enjoy, so be sure to pop down if you’re in the area.

You can even sail yourself if you fancy it!


Anglesey Walkathon

Fancy exploring the island by foot but not a big runner? Well, the Anglesey Walkathon festival is the ideal thing for you!

Taking place on 4th September 2016, You can walk the length of either half a marathon or a full marathon, and it’s a great way to raise money for charity with a few sponsors.

All ages are welcome and prices vary from £20-£22 for an adult and £12-£13 for a child.

You can book online by visiting this website here.


Beaumaris Food Festival

If you want a festival this summer that’s brimming with food, music and entertainment then the Beaumaris Food Festival is where you need to be.

Take place from the 10th – 11th August, you’ll even get the chance to experience some local crafts as well as amazing foods and musical fun. There’s even a section where you can learn from some of Anglesey’s best chefs and improve your cooking skills.

If this festival sounds up your street this summer, make sure you visit the website.

Silver Bay This Summer

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